1. Can't Stay Mad

  2. Sex Appeal

  3. Love Junkie

  4. Wear A Mask

  5. Fun With You

  6. The Way Love's Supposed To Be

  7. Nobody's Fool

  8. Tightrope To The Moon
    Henning, Landsgard & Samuel

  9. Hold On My Child
    Kjetil Landsgard

  10. Another Love Song
    Rick Livingstone

  11. Song For Sarah
    Rick Livingstone

  12. Falling For You
    Rick Livingstone

  13. I Lose My Heart To You
    Rick Livingstone

  14. Too Close To The Sun
    Rick Livingstone

  15. Count Me In
    Rick Livingstone

  16. Lazy Days
    Rick Livingstone

  17. The Man In The Moon
    Rick Livingstone

  18. My Heart Is Set On You
    Eclipse ft. Rick Livingstone

  19. Toujours L'Amour
    Ms. Nancy Reed

  20. Be My Rock
    Ms. Nancy Reed

  21. Tar Beach, NYC
    Paul Smith

  22. Every Teardrop
    Lisa Nemzo

  23. Turn To Me
    Lisa Nemzo

  24. Stand Up
    Lisa Nemzo

  25. Boogie On The Bayou
    Lisa Nemzo

  26. Mixed Emotions
    Lisa Nemzo

  27. Heart Full Of Love
    Lisa Nemzo

  28. Your Love Hits The Spot
    Lisa Nemzo

  29. Playing Politics
    Lisa Nemzo

  30. Together
    Lisa Nemzo

  31. Keepin' The Wolf From The Door Of My Heart
    Lisa Nemzo

  32. Running With The Night
    Lisa Nemzo

  33. Electric Eyes
    Lisa Nemzo

  34. Caught At The Crossroads
    Lisa Nemzo

  35. Caught At The Crossroads
    Strangers In Paradise

  36. But I Do
    Lisa Nemzo

  37. Finders Keepers
    Lisa Nemzo

  38. My Heart Turns Traitor
    Lisa Nemzo

  39. Feels Like Love
    Lisa Nemzo

  40. Hearts Under Glass
    Lisa Nemzo

  41. Hijacked
    Lisa Nemzo

  42. Tough Love
    Lisa Nemzo

  43. I Found Love
    Lisa Nemzo

  44. My Fantasy
    Lisa Nemzo

  45. Holding Out For Love
    Llsa Nemzo

  46. Turn To Me
    Audrey Landers

  47. T.L.C.
    In Cognito

  48. After The Rain
    Hadley & Cohen

  49. Cog In The Wheel
    Hadley & Cohen

  50. That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles
    Martin H. Samuel ft. Brian Hadley

  51. Let It Be Love
    Martin H. Samuel ft. Brian Hadley

  52. Slave To The Grind
    Martin H. Samuel ft. Brian Hadley

  53. Shoo Be Do Be Do
    Martin H. Samuel ft. Filippin

  54. I Lose My Heart
    John D. Scott

  55. Ask Me Why
    John Reynolds & Anastasia

  56. If Love Makes The World Go Round
    Big Orange Monster

  57. Good Love
    Big Orange Monster

  58. The Deep Blue
    Big Orange Monster

  59. If Love Makes The World Go Round
    Brion Bell

  60. As I Live And Breathe
    Brad Moranz

  61. Somethin's Jumpin' In The Pumpkin Patch

  62. Junior's Pa
    Brad Moranz

  63. Sailin' Away
    Terry Shea

  64. Who Loves Me
    Antonia G. Venezia

  65. Shadow Of Another
    Antonia G. Venezia

  66. Walking On The Highwire
    Antonia G. Venezia

  67. A Tale Of Two Cities
    Jan Findlay

  68. This Christmas
    Catherine Leight

  69. Who Knows Where The Money Goes
    Lisa Aschmann

  70. Stolen Moments
    Sam Fran Cisco Kids

  71. Roller Coaster
    Sunny ’n’ the Cut

  72. Good Love
    Sunny 'n' the Cut

  73. Soul'd Out
    DownTown Mystic

  74. Give It Up

  75. Someone To Love
    DownTown Mystic

  76. Lay It On The Line

  77. Beauty And The Beach
    John Tirro

  78. Love Is The Question
    John Tirro

  79. Howlin' At The Moon

  80. Another Love Song

  81. Drifting
    Jerry Sutherland

  82. Hang Tough

  83. I Love A Rainy Day

  84. London Town

  85. Lonely People

  86. Matters Of The Heart

  87. Sex Appeal (Unplugged)

  88. She Lives In Denver
    Martin & Paul

  89. Sittin' Here Thinkin'

  90. Tangier

  91. Takin' The Train

  92. The Bells! The Bells!

  93. The X In Xmas

  94. I Will Wait For You
    Rick Novak

  95. Poppy Fields - Talk​-​Over

  96. Hippopotamus & Wildebeeste
    Repercussionist ft. Big Orange Monster

  97. Six Feet Under
    Repercussionist ft. Eclipse

  98. In The Mood (For Blues)
    Repercussionist ft. The Moody Blues

  99. Please Don't Stop
    Repercussionist ft. Fleetwood Mac

  100. Hi Hans!
    EMPEROR ROSKO & Martin H. Samuel

  101. Good Love on Zone Radio in S. Africa
    Sunny 'n' the Cut

  102. Rachel Stock - The New Music Radio Show
    Rachel Stock, Martin H. Samuel & Kjetil Landsgard

  103. Can't Stay Mad on the BBC

  104. Count Me In on The Underground Edition
    Bill Everatt & Rick Livingstone

  105. Count Me In - Rachel Stock New Music Radio Show
    Rachel Stock & Rick Livingstone


Martin H. Samuel London, UK

Martin, a drummer, author, poet, lyricist, award-winning songwriter and a producer who also plays guitar, wrote the lyrics for all these songs.

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